Born in 1987 by the fusion of two french societies, DS (solenoids valves since 1947) and Dynatec (rotary actuators since 1967), DS dynatec combine a half century know-how to the reactivty of a small entreprise.

Certified ISO 9001-2000, Pressure Equipment Directive PED 97/23/EG, EN 161 and ATEX, and with a strong experience in automobile, shipping, military and industry, we garantee high quality products, adapted for each applications.

  • Solenoid valves

    Natural gas, butane propane, harzardous gas
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    Vacum - air, acetylene, argon, azote, butane, CO2, natural gas, GPL helium, hydrogene, oxygene, propane, SO2
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    Water, glycol water, soap, gasoil, petrol, light oil, greace, heavy flioul, liquid bitumen
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    Azote, oxygene helium, CO2, hydogene, LNG
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    Satured steam, calorific oil
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  • Rotary acuators

    The output torque developed is determied by the dimmensions of vane/shaft, the number of vanes, and the fluid pressure applied. Speed of rotation is dependent on the flow capacities of the hydraulic system. The majority of actuators are constructed with one or two vanes. The torque output is proportional to the number of vanes.
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    The pistonn as a linear actator, under hydraulic or pneumatic pressure, moves between two mechanical stops. This linear displacement is transformed mechanically into a rotary movement of the shaft under the effect of the reveresd helical thread of shaft and piston. The self-lubrification and the hardened surface of helical shaft and piston guarantee the longevity of this rotary actuator.
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    The rotary motion is obtained by applying a fluid under pressure on a piston which pushes a rack. In tis turn, the rack actuates a pinion causing the rotation of the shaft. The pinion is mounted between two bearing and can be coupled directly or indirectly with the load. The torque generated by the actuator is measured in NM and is directly proportional to the real pressure applied.
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DS dynatec

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