Hydraulic "REGU" damper

Dampens any acceleration and rebounding effect during rotation


A "REGU" is built on the basis of a vane rotary actuator, filled with oil, with both ports tightly closed. The rotating movement of a pneumatic actuator or any lever-arm is damped when the oil-filling of the "REGU", pushed by the moving vane, passes from one to the other chamber through a restriction hole. The diameter of the hole can be reduced or encreased by a shift-screw. A compensator is built in to absorb possible oil surplus due to dilatation.


  • steel shaft mounted on ball-bearings
  • body and ends of hard anodised light-alloy material
  • different coupling kits (see standard mountings below)
  • vane and shoe seals : NBR or PTFE


  • compact
  • sturdy
  • autonomous
  • easy to set
  • clean


  • viscosity grade of filling
  • double-end shaft
  • position indicators
  • anti-corrosion coating
  • single direction damping


a "REGU" can be applied on a maximum rotation angle of 260° to oscillate, turn, open, transfer, ...


  • a regular movement
  • no rebounding on end positions
  • a steady speed of rotation
  • a possible compensation of back-slash

Industrial sectors where "REGU" dampers are installed

  • Automobile Automobile
  • Ligne d'assemblage Assembly lines
  • Tracked vehicle Tracked vehicle
  • Verrerie Glassware
  • Tilt tray Tilt tray
  • Control machine Control machine
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